Lot 352

EIC, Victoria Queen, 1840 AD, (B&C), Divided Legend, 28 Berry, Silver Rupee

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Catalog Reference #
KM # 458, S&W # 3.33 TYPE A/1 “W.W.”
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
NGC Graded MS 62
1840 AD

East India Company, Victoria Queen, Silver Rupee, 1840 AD, (B&C), Divided Legend, 28 Berry, Obv: Bust of Queen Victoria facing to the left, Divided Legend in 2 parts left & right of the effigy. Lettering: “VICTORIA” to the left “QUEEN” to the right, Coin Die Engraver: William Wyon, The mint masters initials W.W. In Raised can be seen below the neck, as a security feature using micro alphabets below the neck of Queen Victoria. Rev: ONE RUPEE یک روپیے,, Denomination within Decorative wreath of laurel. which is surrounded by the lettering of the Legend “EAST INDIA COMPANY”, with the date 1840 below the wreath at 6’o clock of the reverse. this coin is observed in Milled Edge Type, KM # 458, S&W # 3.33 TYPE A/1 “W.W.”, NGC Graded MS 62, rare.