Lot 38

Ancient, Local issue from Punjab, Lead Unit

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Catalog Reference #
Unpublished in all major publications
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
11.33 mm
1.68 gms
200-100 Century BC
Ancient, Local Tribal issue from Punjab, (200-100 Century BC), Lead Unit, 1.68 gms, 11.33 mm, Obv: Galloping horse to left, Rev: A deity being garlanded by a devotee.  Deity is shown front facing and with prominent ear rings and is holding a disk like circular object in his/her left hand.  Devotee is shown facing the deity with a garland held in his/her raised hands, ready to be offered to the deity.  Depiction of a horse is equally interesting on this piece and is previously represented only on the tribal coins of Savitriputras.   Hitherto Unlisted / Unpublished in all major publications, very fine, Having very pleasing patina. Unique (first piece known).