Lot 440

IK, Sikh Empire, Diwan Moti Ram, Khitta Kashmir Mint, Silver Rupee

  • Estimated Price (INR)
  • 8000 - 10000
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Catalog Reference #
Herrli # 06.01.04
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
21.97 mm
10.66 gms
VS 1876-1877 / End Of 1819 to 1820 AD

Independent Kingdoms, Sikh Empire, Diwan Moti Ram (VS 1876-1877, End Of 1819 to 1820 AD), Silver Rupee, 10.66 gms, 21.97 mm, Khitta Kashmir Mint (Khitta means District), year of issue VS 1876, Obv has 'Gobind Shahi' couplet which reads "Deg Tegh O fath nusrat be-dirang, yaft az Nanak Guru Gobind Singh", meaning Abundance, power & victory (&) assistance without delay, are the gift of Nanak & Guru Gobind Singh, the reverse reads "zarb 1876 Sambat kashmir Khitta" meaning struck in teh VS 1876 (in the / for the) kashmir district, The first year of Sikh ruler in Kashmir, Herrli # 06.01.04., very fine, rare.