Lot 5

Ancient, Narhan hoard type, Silver Double Karshapana

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Catalog Reference #
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
21.24 x 32.21 mm
6.42 gms
Double Karshapana
c. 600-400 BC

Ancient, Narhan hoard type, (c. 600-400 BC), Silver Double Karshapana, 6.42 gms, 21.24 x 32.21 mm, Obv: Center punch consisting of a geometric design with dots inside. Ancillary punches of Taurine, Sun, Flower, Rev: Uniface, Ref: Hardekar NH32 Coins of the Narhan hoard are strong contenders for the earliest coins of India, owing to their archaic manufacturing technique, very fine, rare.