Lot 54

Ancient, Satavahanas, Gotamiputra Siri Siva Satakarani, Potin Unit

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Catalog Reference #
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
15.87 mm
2.58 gms
c. 1st Century AD

Ancient, Satavahanas, Gotamiputra Siri Siva Satakarani (c. 1st Century AD), Potin Unit, 2.58 gms, 15.87 mm, Obverse: A maned lion standing to left. Three arched hill below. A plough standard at the front of lion. A strung bow below the standard. Traces of Brahmi legend on top reading as “Rano Siri Siva Satakanisa”, Reverse: Four orbed Ujjain symbol with Nandipadas between the orbs, Although the ruler’s name is not complete, the identification of the ruler is being done on the basis of the strung bow on the Obverse, fine to very fine, very rare.