Lot 56

Ancient Kunindas Tribal Republic Amoghabhuti Silver Dramma

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Catalog Reference #
Pieper # 1192
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
fine to very fine
17.46 mm
2.20 gms
2nd-1st Century BC

Ancient, Kunindas, Tribal Republic, Amoghabhuti (2nd-1st Century BC), Silver Dramma, 2.20 gms, 17.46 mm, Obv. Deer to right with a fire-altar on its back, Shrivatsa in between the horns, Standing goddess Lakshmi holding a Lotus stalk in front of deer, Brahmi legend around reading ‘RanoKuni(m)dasa (Amoghabhuti)sa Maharajasa’, Rev. Six arched hill (Chaitya) at center surmounted by an altar, Nandipada on top, Triangle standard and Swastika in left field, Tree-in-railing in right field, Wavy line below, Kharoshthi legend around ‘Rana Kuni(m)dasa Amoghabhutisa Maharajasa‘ partially seen, Pieper # 1192, fine to very fine, rare.