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Ancient, Archaic Series, PMC, Kashi Mahajanapada, Silver Vimshatika, Jaunpur Hoard type

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Catalog Reference #
Mitch ATEC # 2353
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
21.36 x 22.34 mm
4.79 gms
430-410 BC
Ancient, Archaic Series, Punch Marked Coinage, attributed to Kashi Mahajanapada (c. 430-410 BC), Jaunpur Hoard type, Silver Vimshatika, 4.79 gms, 21.36 x 22.34 mm, Obv: Four complex arms around central circle, Uniface, Modern Varanasi district, alongwith parts of Jaunpur, Ghazipur and Jaunpur formed the part of ancient ‘Kashi’ janapada, which was amongst the earliest janapadas from 7th to 6th century BC and was ruled by Brahmadutta family.  Kashi’s punchmarked coinage is considered to be among the earliest coinage on Indian soil.  Present coin pertains to its later phase and has been previously reported from Jaunpur areas. This is a four symbol coin (ABCC) pattern i.e. 3 different types of dies have been used, of which ‘C’ (small one) is struck twice.  The series, to which, present coin belongs is on lighter / normal weight standard of Vimashatika.  This phase commenced around c 430 BC and lasted till around c 410 BC, shortly before when the series was ended by Sisunaga (of Magadha), who set his son as regent at Varanasi (c.400 BC). Mitch ATEC # 2353, Extremely Fine for the type. Exceedingly rare.