Lot 60

Ancient Kushans Vima Kadphises Copper Tetradrachm

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Catalog Reference #
MAC # 3033-3035
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
22.59 x 26.00 mm
15.93 gms
110-127 AD
Ancient, Kushans, Vima Kadphises (110-127 AD), Copper Tetradrachm, 15.93 gms, 22.59 x 26.00 mm, Obverse: King wearing a coat, boots and headgear, a club at right, tamgha above, king standing facing left and offering at an altar, A trident standard placed besides the altar, Bactrian legend “BASILEOS BASILEON SOTER MEGAS OOEMO KADPHISES” around , Reverse: Ithyphallic Shiva (Oesho) carrying trident, reclining against Nandi bull, Nandipada in left field; Kharoshthi legend “Maharajasa Rajadirajasa Sarvaloga Ishavarasa Mahishwarasa Vema Kataphi” around partially seen, MAC # 3033-3035, very fine, very scarce.