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Ancient, Ayodhya, Ranyo Sivamitra, Copper Unit

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Catalog Reference #
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
fine to very fine
19.72 x 21.66 mm
9.27 gms
100 BC – 100 AD

Ancient, Ayodhya, Ranyo Sivamitra, (100 BC – 100 AD), Copper Unit, 9.27 gms, 19.72 x 21.66 mm, Obv: Bull to left facing tree in railing, Brahmi legend below reading “Ra Jno Shi Va Mi (Ta Sa)”, Rev: A bold Nandipada within an enclosure. The earliest coins of Ayodhya are represented by a prolific series of square/rectangular cast coins of Mooldeva, Vayudeva, Vishakhadeva, Dhandeva etc. Thereafter, a series of cast coins issued by Dutta ending names i.e. Shivadatta, Nagdatta and Jyeshthadatta was issued.  The coins of third dynasty, to which the present coin belongs are all die-struck coins.  Initial issues of this dynasty depict a bull with legend on obverse and a cock / palm tree on the reverse. These were issued by Satyamitra, Vijayamitra, Aryamitra/Ayumitra and Devmitra. The terminal issues of this series was represented by a type, on which a nandipada has been replaced by cock/palm tree symbol. Two issuers of this type i.e. Sanghamitra and Ranyo Kumudsena are previously known.  This type is rarest in the whole coinage of Ayodhya. The present coin is an issue of Ranyo Sivamitra, who is known for the first time through the present coin. fine to very fine, Unique (first piece known).