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Ancient, Post-Mauryan, Mitras of Kaushambi "Jethmitra" Copper Unit

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Catalog Reference #
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
10.77 mm
1.24 gms
200 BC

Ancient, Post-Mauryan, Mitras of Kaushambi, Jethmitra (c. 200 BC), Copper Unit, 1.24 gms, 10.77 mm, Obv: Tree-in-railing on left side and four orb ujjaini symbol on right side, Brahmi legend in centre ‘Jethmi(tasa), Rev: Six arched hill, This coin belongs to post Mauryan monarchical series of Kaushambi.  Many kings of this series viz. Parvata, Agnimitra, Brahaspatimitra, Jyeshthamitra, Surmitra, Varunmitra, Pothmitra, Rajmitra, Rajnimitra, Prajapatimitra, Devmitra etc are known from this highly important and scarce series of local coinage of Kaushambi. After the aforesaid kings, Kaushambi was under the control of Kushans for a while, where after a new dynasty of Magha kings ruled over this place, which was, as per Prayag Prashasti, ultimately annexed by Samudra Gupta, the famous Gupta emperor. Unlisted, very fine, very scarce.