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Ancient Magra Later Kushan Rulers Gold Dinara

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Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine+
20.06 mm
7.61 gms
c. 3rd-4th Century AD

Ancient, Later Kushan Rulers (c. 3rd-4th Century AD), Magra, Gold Dinara7.61 gms, 20.06 mm, Obverse: Standing king offering to fire altar. Trishul behind altar. Bactrian-Greek legend around, Reverse: Seated deity Ardoksho (Lakshmi), Bactrian-Greek legend in right field reading “Ardoxsho”, The rebel Magra is unknown apart from his coins. The depiction of a staff topped with a chakra, in the place of usual banner, suggests a link to the Kacha type of the Gupta king Samudragupta, and Magra may have been an ally of the Guptas against the Kushans.  Another important noteworthy point in this coin is the staff held by the king on the obverse topped with chakra and a circle on that, very fine+, extremely rare.