Lot 77

Ancient Sharabhpurias of Chhatisgarh Mahendraditya Gold Dinar

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Catalog Reference #
Sanjeev Kumar TOTGE # Pg 305 Class I, Variety B
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
Extremely Fine
17.56 mm
1.28 gms
c.6th century AD

Ancient, Sharabhpurias of Chhatisgarh, Mahendraditya (c.6th century AD), Gold Dinar, 1.28 gms, 17.56 mm, Garuda flanked by shankha and charka, with box-headed Brahmi legend Sri Mahendraditya, Uniface, Repousse and bracteates. Garuda site on a branch with rounded finals with snake coiled around the neck. Crescent moon has a dot within. Below legend there is a letter “Sha” and a kalasha (pitcher). The shankha opens to the left. A very rare ruler as compared to Prasannamatra of the Sharabhapurias. It is suggested by A M Shastri that these coins were struck by Narendra, the Sharabhapuriya king, nominally acknowledging the Gupta emperor Kumaragupta III, Sanjeev Kumar TOTGE # Pg 305 Class I, Variety B, Broad flan, Extremely Fine, Extremely Rare.