Lot 78

Ancient Tribal republics Yaudheyas Chitreshwara type Copper Heavy Unit

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  • 18000 - 20000
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Catalog Reference #
Handa # Pl. LXXX- 3-4
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
25.40 mm
17.62 gms
Heavy Unit
1st Century BC/AD

Ancient, Tribal republics, Yaudheyas, Chitreshwara type (1st Century BC/AD), Copper Heavy Unit, 17.62 gms, 25.40 mm, Obverse: Shiva(Chitreshwara) standing facing holding a battle axe-trident in his right hand and leopard skin in his left hand, A flower design at right side of the face, Brahmi legend around (partially seen) “Bhagavatah Chitresvara Mahatmana”, Reverse: Deer standing to left facing a six arched hill, Shrivatsa above, Chitreshwara type is one of the most enigmatic coin type in the Tribal republic coinage series, Chitreshwara is still worshipped in lingam form by the people of Gopeshwar, near Almora, Uttarakhand, The weight standard of this coin seems to be similar to the early Kushana tetra-drachms, Handa # Pl. LXXX- 3-4, very fine, extremely rare.