Lot 86

Ancient, Local rulers of Mathura, Brahmamitra, Copper Unit

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  • 4000 - 5000
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Catalog Reference #
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
15.51 mm
5.75 gms
c. 200-100 BC
Ancient, Local rulers of Mathura, Brahmamitra (c. 200-100 BC), Copper Unit, 5.75 gms, 15.51 mm, Obv: Deity standing on a river having fish and turtles. Tree on left. Ujjaini symbol and lotus symbols on right. Brahmi legend on top reading “BraHmaMiTaSa”, Rev: Three elephants (centre elephant front facing and other two facing him from sideways). Chronologically, Brahmamitra was preceded by Gomitra and Suryamitra and succeeded by Vishnumitra.  A coin of Brahmamitra was also found from excavations at Rehad in Rajasthan, thus suggesting a wider area under his control, as compared with his two predecesors, very fine, very rare.