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Ancient, Agacha / Agroha Janapada, Tribe of Punjab-Haryana Lion type, Copper Unit

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Catalog Reference #
D. Handa, Trible Coins of Ancient India, pl. II
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
13.14 mm
2.43 gms
200-100 BC

Ancient, Agacha / Agroha Janapada (c. 200-100 BC), Tribe of Punjab-Haryana, Lion type, Copper Unit, 2.43 gms, 13.14 mm, Obv: Roaring lion walking to right side with curved tail, traces of three arched hill and other symbols, Rev: Tree-in-railing with four compartments in centre around Brahmi legend ‘…Janapadasa’, Coins of this illustrious tribe of ancient India can be easily identified with Agrodaka, a place repeatedly mentioned in Mahamayuri.  A teacher named Agrayana is mentioned by Yaska in his Nirukta. Panini mentions this tribe in his Ashtadhyayi.  Mahabharata mentions these people as Agreya, a derivative form of Agra, in association with Bhadras, Rohitakas, Malavas etc.   These people have also been noted as ancestors of modern day ‘Agrawal’ samaj. D. Handa, Trible Coins of Ancient India, pl. II, very fine, extremely rare.