Lot 90

Ancient, Panchala’s of Ahichhatra, "Bhanumitra" Copper, Very Heavy Unit

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  • 8000 - 10000
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Catalog Reference #
Mitch ACW # 4549
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
27.27 mm
16.17 gms

Ancient, Panchala’s of Ahichhatra, Bhanumitra, Copper Very Heavy Unit, 16.17 gms, 27.27 mm, Obv: Sun like a solar disc surrounded by emanating rays and like necklace, Rev: Bold square punch with three stylized symbols of Panchala and clear Brahmi legend of 5 characters below ‘Bhanumitasa’, Full die impression on both sides, Very pleasing patina. Panchala was one of the most illustrious kingdoms of ancient India.  This has numerous references in religious texts.  Present series of more than 48 kings known so far is among the finest and most systematic ancient numismatic series of India.  Mitch ACW # 4549, Very Fine. Very rare.