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Ancient, Tribal - Post Mauryan North India, Shibi Janapada, Copper Unit

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Catalog Reference #
Handa # Pl. XXXII- 3-4
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
18.50 x 19.99 mm
7.66 gms
200 BC

Ancient, Tribal - Post Mauryan North India, Shibi Janapada (200 BC), Copper Unit, 7.66 gms, 18.50 x 19.99 mm, South Rajasthan area, Obv: traces of tree and Swastika with a taurine attached to each corner of Swastika in the center, Brahmi legend around "Majhamikaya Sibi Janapadasa", Shibis were among the earliest tribes of ancient India. They are referred to as Shivas in Rigveda and have been described as defeated by King Sudas along with other tribes like the Alinas, Pakthas, Visanins etc. in the famous battle of ten kings (Dasragya yuddha) somewhere between the rivers Vipas (Beas) and Purushni (Ravi). Aitareya Braman and The Mahabharata have multiple references to these people. One of the most famous kings of this tribe was Usinara who had come in the Swayamvara of Draupadi, later he fought with Pandawas in the famous battle of Mahabharata and he was killed by Dronacharya. Patanjali and Katyayan also refer to this tribe in their works. Buddhist chronicles (Mahamayuri) and Jataka tales describe Sibi country and its cities Aritthapura and Jetuttara, which has been referred as Jattaraur by Alberuni, as a place in Mairwar or Mewar and this is exactly the place from where (Nagari and Chittarugarh) the coins of this illustrious tribe have been found, complete readable legend visible on the coin!, Handa # Pl. XXXII- 3-4, fine, extremely rare.