Lot 172

Pre-Islamic Sindh and Punjab Yashaditya Series Ranavigraha NM ND Silver Damma

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Catalog Reference #
Fishman & Todd # Y11
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
fine to very fine
9.63 x 10.42 mm
0.55 gms
712-715 CE

Pre-Islamic Sindh and Punjab, Yashaditya Series, Ranavigraha (712-715 CE), Silver Damma, 0.55 gms, 9.63 x 10.42 mm, NM, ND, Fishman and Todd identify Ranavigraha as the last ruler of the Chach of Alor dynasty that ruled Sind and Punjab prior to the military campaign of Muhammad Bin Qasim, Ranavigraha would therefore be Jyasimha the son of Raja Dahir as mentioned in the Chachnameh, naturally toned, Fishman & Todd # Y11, fine to very fine, very rare.