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Ancient, Post-Mauryan, Kaushambi Area, Damru Shaped, Cast Copper

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Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
8.54 x 9.76 mm
0.72 gms
Ancient, Post-Mauryan, Kaushambi Area, Damru Shaped, Cast Copper, 0.72 gms, 8.54 x 9.76 mm, Obv: Elephant walking to right with traces of other symbols, Rev: Traces of standing goddess, Present coin represents a very important series of local type copper cast coins of Kaushambi.  The shape of this type is always looks like a ‘Damru’ and hence, such coins are popularly known as damru shaped coins. These are said to have been issued in early 2nd century BC to atleast 1st century AD i.e. chiefly during the period when the control of Magadha’s pan India Empire was substantially lost over most of the areas under their control.  This is thus a local series which lasted less than 3 centuries and represents well executed fine symbols, many of which were directly derived from Mauryan punch marked coinage in silver. Unlisted, very fine, scarce.