Lot 317

Mughal, Jahangir, Ahmadabad Mint, 'Cancer' sign, Zodiac Silver Rupee

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Catalog Reference #
KM # 150.10
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
extra fine+
22.21 mm
11.36 gms
AH 1014-1037, 1605-1627 AD
Mughal, Jahangir (AH 1014-1037, 1605-1627 AD), Zodiac Silver Rupee, Cancer Sign, 11.36 gms, 22.21 mm, Ahmadabad Mint, AH 1027, RY 13, Obv: A crab emerging from sun and stars below AH, Rev: Zar Ahmedabad ra dad zewar, Shah Jahangir Shahenshah Akbar with date. A classic mughal rarity, Jahangir issued an attractive series of coins in gold and silver representing the twelve zodiac constellations, he mentioned in his memoir Tuzuk-e Jahangiri about zodiac coins. The gold zodiac issued in all twelve signs of the year, but in silver were only struck for the first five months. They are Farwardin, when the sun was in Aries, Ardibihisht which corresponded to Taurus, Khurdad with Gemini, Tir with Cancer and the fifth in Amardad with Leo. The silver zodiac rupee struck just before and during Jahangir’s visit to Ahmadabad. Zodiac rupee are Rare because many of these coins had been melted by Jahangir’s successor, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb, A Complete both side centre strike coin is very hard to get in hammered coinage, KM # 150.10, minor filing marks on the edge, over all extra fine+, extremely rare.