Lot 318

Mughal, Jahangir, Ahmadabad Mint, 'Aries' sign, Zodiac Silver Rupee

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Catalog Reference #
KM # 150.2
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
19.70 mm
11.43 gms
AH 1014-1037, 1605-1627 AD
Mughal, Jahangir (AH 1014-1037, 1605-1627 AD),  Zodiac Silver Rupee, Aeris Sign, 11.43 gms, 19.70 mm, Ahmadabad Mint, AH 1027, RY 14, Obv: A Ram emerging from the sun facing left, with the regnal year 13 at bottom, Rev: Zarb Ahmedabad Jahangir Badshah Akbar Badshah (the coin of Ahmadabad Jahangir Shah son of Akbar the Shah of Shahs gave adornment), The idea for the zodiacal coinage a classic mughal rarity, in both gold and silver, was also conceived by Jahangir, and he records in his memoir Tuzuk-e Jahangiri. Jahangir devote almost time and attention to artistic pursuits, including the design of his coinage. As a result the gold and silver coins struck in Jahangir’s reign are among the most beautiful in the history of Mughal’s Coinage. Farwardin was first month when the sun was in Aries, KM # 150.2, very fine, extremely rare.