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Ancient, Archaic Series, PMC, Kashi Mahajanapada, Silver "½ Vimshatika" Fraction, Single symbol type

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Catalog Reference #
Rajgor series # 57
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
20.01 x 21.49 mm
2.39 gms
½ Vimshatika
Ancient, Archaic Series, Punch Marked Coinage, attributed to Kashi Mahajanapada, Silver ½ Vimshatika, 2.39 gms, 20.01 x 21.49 mm, Single symbol type, Obv: A single geometric symbol in center around banker marks,‘Kashi’ janapada was amongst the earliest janapadas of India.  Its history is known from various Jataka tales, showing that during 7th to 6th century BC, this was under the rule of Brahmadutta family).  Kashi’s punchmarked coinage is considered to be among the earliest coinage of India.  Present coin pertains to an extremely rare fraction series, having a single symbol and was previously represented from scyphate series hoards.  Chief characteristics of this coinage are that ‘Kashi’ symbol is now fully evolved.  Present coin thus represents half denomination of saucer shaped / scyphate series of Kashi and belongs to around c. 430 BC and ended when Sisunaga (of Magadha) set his son as regent at Varanasi (c.400 BC). Rajgor series # 57, very fine, very rare.